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The Witcher Season 3 Volume 1 – Ending Explained

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With Season 3 Volume 1 ending, now the stakes have been set to be higher for our three beloved characters. As the enemies come from all corners for Ciri (Freya Allan), the couple, Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), will do their best to protect their pseudo-daughter.


The five episodes of Season 3 felt like a roller coaster of emotion. From dealing with fiery mages to a dramatic absent father, the audience felt really engaged in the story. Upon the ending of Volume 1, we could see that the big betrayals are finally revealed, the basis for Volume 2.


Below, we’ll tell you about how the ending was unraveled. Spoiler alert.

The Witcher Season 3 Volume 1 – Ending Explained


The ending of Volume 1 tells us about how Yennefer planned to prevent the all-out war which will possibly break the continent into smaller little pieces. She works with Geralt, with the same goal to reveal who can be trusted in Aretuze, starting by searching for Rience’s master.


Near the end, we could see that some people indeed have really bad intentions over the whole thing. It’s pretty obvious that Philippa (Cassie Clare) and Dijkstra (Graham McTavish) try to get Ciri to join their force by convincing Geralt.


On the other hand, Stregobor (Lars Mikkelsen) is on his way to find the Book of Monoliths to open the portals for his own deepest purposes. When Yen and Geralt tried to stop him by sneaking into his place, they were caught red-handed and Yen was forced to share the evidence with the Elf mage.


He’s thought to keep a list of all Elvan’s missing students and lead Geralt to finally learn the fact he’s the one creating the monster we saw earlier in the opening of the season. Later on, Stregobor is arrested, and everything seems to be finally resolved. But, new evidence comes up to the surface.


Eventually, Geralt and Yennefer find out that someone’s actually manipulating Lydia (Aisha Fabienne Ross). Geralt notices that Lydia is wearing the same earrings as Tissaia. Later on, Geralt found out that she’s been talking to none other than Vilgefortz himself.


Now realizing that he had been in the same spot where Geralt found the missing students, both Yen and Geralt come to the realization that Vilgefortz is actually Rience’s master. When Geralt is about to confront him, Dijkstra comes in, holding his knife to Geralt’s neck, stating “should have chosen a side”.


And the story ends there.


With that much tension, surely people feeling really curious about the next volume. For those who can’t enjoy the show due to geo-restriction, be free from it by using a VPN. A VPN may offer a safer internet connection, with some even giving free dedicated IPs. The dedicated IP can provide better accessibility for certain online services. Thus, when opening a streaming service like Netflix, you may have a wider library of content to enjoy.

The Last Journey for Henry, but Not for Geralt


In addition to the culminating story, this season will also be Henry Cavill’s last appearance as Geralt of Rivia. Instead, the character will be played by Liam Hemsworth.


This announcement is known directly from Netflix during the latest announcement of The Witcher which was made last year. Henry Cavill is also known to be very supportive of Liam Hemsworth to replace him in this series that takes the story of a fantasy world and is full of monsters.


“My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with monsters and adventure, and sadly, I’ll be putting my medals and swords down for Season 4,” Henry Cavill said in a statement on Instagram.


Henry’s departure really leaves an impression on the audience, as it’s shown in the data. Reporting to Screen Rant, just a week after the third Season is released, audiences felt disappointed as shown by the declining viewers. At the premiere, there were 1.1 million people in the US watching.


Still, that’s a 15% drop compared to the 1.3 million households that watched the season two premiere. Over the next four episodes, audience interest steadily declined. One of the possible reasons is that the show is really different from what most audiences expected. The story is different, and even the characterization is different both from the books and the game.


Eskel, a character who is deeply loved by the community, has turned into someone terrible and died in the most questionable way.


Only 893,000 households watched episode 2, which fell to 750,000 for episode 3 and 602,000 for episode 4.


Episode 5 shrank to less than half of the season 3 premiere with 505,000 views. The drop in viewership is just the latest hurdle the show has run into after The Witcher’s season 3 viewership scores dipped.


Seeing how the viewership keeps dipping, will Volume 2 be the returning trend for the Witcher show?

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