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Red Rose – A Creepy Teen Horror Series That Is The Creepier Version Of Black Mirror

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Who likes a series that talks about mysterious applications? Of course, the topic of application stories in a film or series is familiar, but in ‘Red Rose’ many young people will be involved who are now quite related to various sophisticated applications.


Red Rose is a collaborative work between Entertainment One (eOne) and Eleven for both Netflix and BBC Three. Meanwhile, the series will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three in the UK and Netflix worldwide. Meanwhile, worldwide distribution is managed by eOne.


According to the BBC website, the Red Rose synopsis explores the intoxicating relationship between teenagers and their online lives.



Red Rose is filled with an interesting list of actors, including Amelia Clarkson, Natalie Blair, Harry Redding, Isis Hainsworth, Ali Khan, and Ashna Rabheru. The series is directed by three directors: Henry Blake, Ramon Salazar, and Lisa Siwe.


While Michael and Paul Clarkson claimed to have found a suitable cast for the upcoming series, “We are very pleased with the talented cast that we have put together in ‘Red Rose’. Although we can’t wait for the whole world to fall in love with them, like we have. They make us proud.”

The Story


As summer approaches, one of them downloads the Red Rose app. The Red Rose application is a mysterious and deadly application, and appears to have supernatural powers and powers brought over from the dark web. The app threatens them with dangerous consequences if can’t satisfy what the app wants.


The app appears to be exposing their activities to a supernatural forum that has frightening dark web powers. Ultimately, the series showcases friendship through the puzzling, classic horror-thriller.


The story set takes place in the modern era of Bolton, where everyone has a smartphone. A group of students have just finished an academic qualification test and are planning a summer activity together.


In the synopsis of Red Rose, Rochelle (Isis Hainsworth) is the lead character with an angry and humorous nature. However, he has a dark background due to his family’s financial situation. Roch’s best friend, Wren (Amelia Clarkson), also has family problems, but she is adapting better at school. When Wren starts dating Noah (Harry Redding), Roch feels alienated from their friendship.


With his family bankrupt, he has to rely on food banks to survive. Roch couldn’t take a job because he had to look after his twin baby sister. Even though their father works, it seems that the income is still insufficient.


Roch accepts an invitation to download the Red Rose app on his phone. Like a fairy godmother offering help, all of Roch’s wishes come true. However, the app began to grow and mess with Roch’s friendship groups.


As a result of missent messages and social media postings, Roch is further estranged from Wren. Not only that, the application even teased Roch with the contact of his deceased mother. The synopsis of Red Rose is even more tense when many conflicts arise.


As mentioned above, the series is now available on Netflix worldwide. However, if your Netflix doesn’t show it, there’s probably a problem related to geo-restriction. As a solution, we highly recommend using VPN since some VPNs that are known to work well with Netflix’s streaming channel to unblock the content. That way, wherever you are, you can always have a full entertainment experience through a complete list of content to watch!


Why Bolton?


According to Deen of Geek (15/7/2022), duo creators Michael and Paul Clarkson said in a press release that Bolton is indeed an interesting place.


“The people are very inspiring,” they said.


Therefore, they made Bolton a synopsis set for Red Rose. Very natural and shining dialogue, reminds us of Derry Girls. Despite the different backgrounds and time periods, the stories highlight children facing family problems.


Apart from Roch and Wren, the supporting actors in this series are quite attention-grabbing. Natalie Blair, as the barmaid, delivers some of the best dialogue, and mischievous intruder Taz (Ali Khan) provides some good comic relief.

Release Date


The Netflix series has been released on February 15, 2023. All Netflix users in various countries can watch this horror youth series simultaneously. The broadcast of this series will also carry the Netflix Original label.


Until then, the series remains fully available on BBC iPlayer. The BBC’s video-on-demand platform can be accessed free of charge by iPad and Android. Users can watch BBC TV broadcasts through the application, but it is not yet available in some countries.


Make sure your Netflix subscription is still active, because the teen horror series Red Rose awaits. Luckily, Netflix makes it easy with a month-long free trial specifically for new users, so we can watch the story of Roch and Wren’s friendship on the go!

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