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Young lady blasts Nigerian ‘Aunty’ who said she’s too young to give advice about life



A young Nigerian lady unapologetically took on an ‘aunty’ on Twitter after the latter insinuated in a tweet, that she’s too young to be giving advice about life.

The young lady was ruthless in her response to the ‘aunty’ and Nigerians on the app are having a field day with the ‘Gbas Gbos’ moment.

The said aunty, @Aunty_Les had backed her claim of @okemzuruoke being too young to advice people about life with a disclosure of her graduating from secondary school in 2012.

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@okemzuruoke was definitely not down for the demeaning statement and so she made good sure that Aunty Les had a taste of her ruthlessness.

See the exchanged that ensued,

Young lady blasts Nigerian 'Aunty'

Young lady blasts Nigerian 'Aunty'

Young lady blasts Nigerian 'Aunty'



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