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“They Never Report Anything Good In Nigeria” – Nigerian Twitter user blast BBC for the sex for grades exposé



As the “Sex For Grades” topic remains trending on social media, a number of social media users are not happy that the BBC Documentary exposed the moral decay in Nigerian Universities with some insinuating that the foreign media outlet does not report anything good about the country.

Kiki Mordi, The BBC reporter who exposed the randy lecturer

The social media users accused the British Broadcasting Corporation of always reporting only on the evils in Africa. They claim the recent sex for grade scandal is aimed at increasing “the number of Nigerian applicants” in foreign universities.

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Wander boi wrote ;

They never report any good in Nigeria or Nigerian institutions.

They spend weeks. Months. years. Digging deep to drag us further down and they do with mercenaries like you (Kiki Mordi) and the rest of the vulnerable ones.

#SexForGrades is awful but while you drag our educational institution through the mud because of the few bad eggs, remember the good ones.

The hardworking students in Nigerian universities. The dedicated lecturers. Remember the good things in this bad country, Remember.

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