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Muslims depart Arafat, ready for stoning



By Ishola Balogun

The over two million Muslims performing the holy pilgrimage have concluded first face and all important pat of the rites. Early this morning, Monday, they converged at the plains of Arafat for the wuqoof and finished the rites afer sunset.

Mount Arafat

As at the time of writing this report, mass movement of pilgrims is going on to Muzdalifah for the second phase of the rites.
Muzdalifa, a vast opened field between Arafat and Muna, where they are will combine full Magrib, and a shortened Isha’ prayers.

The Pilgrims who would be spending the night in opened vast land of Muzdalifa, except for the sick, disabled, and weak ones who are permitted to move on to Muna after midnight,(others Pilgrims) will only move to Muna, an hour or less before sunrise.

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The Pilgrims are expected after some rest to continue glorifying Allah, praying and making supplications before moving to Muna tomorrow morning to perform the rites of throwing the first seven pebbles at Jamratul Aqaba, stoning a mere wall which depicts satan.

Thereafter, sacrificing the animal otherwise known as Hidaya, for atonement of possible error during the performance of the rites.
They will then proceed to shave their hair while female pilgrims are allowed to only cut part of their hair which will make the pilgrims exit the state of ihram, (dorning the two pieces white cloths).

This means the Pilgrims can leave a normal legitimate Islamic social life albeit, without sexual intercourse.
This will then open the second phase of performing Tawaaful Ifada and Sa’iy in Makkah.

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At Muzdalifa it was reported that Adam and Hauwa(Eve) slept their after their reunion on the plains of Arafat and at sunset they moved and spent the night on the plains of Muzdalifa, a practice enjoined on able bodied Pilgrims in addition to being the practice of the noble Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam.

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