Current Match Standings of the NPFL

Current Match Standings of the NPFL

The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) 2020-21 season began on December 27, 2020 and will end on July 18, 2021. The game is currently at the 16th match out of 38 in total. There are 20 clubs but these ten teams are leading the rankings for the current season:

Kwara United

Kwara United is the leading team this season with 15 matches played and 27 points in total. They have seven wins, six draws, and two losses. They have seven goal differences for this season.

Enugu Rangers

Enugu Rangers are tied with Kwara United as they also have 15 matches played and 27 points total. Although the Rangers have 8 wins, it is counter-balanced by their four losses. They only have three draws and six goal differences. Enugu Rangers and Kwara United are the current favourites in Sportybet best odds.

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Enyimba has only played 12 matches to this day but they already secured 3rd place with 24 points from seven wins and four losses. They only have three draws so far, including their last three matches.

Nasarawa United & Kano Pillars

Nasarawa United and Kano Pillars almost have similar standings. They both have 15 matches played, seven wins, three draws, and five losses. Both teams also have 24 points in total, equal to Enyimba. Nasarawa United secured fourth place since they have three goal differences while Kano Pillars have two.

Akwa United

Akwa United has played 14 matches this season with six wins, five draws, and three losses. The team also has 23 points in total for the season and a whopping seven goal differences.

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Rivers Utd

Rivers Utd has played 14 matches with seven wins, two draws, and five losses. They have 23 points but they only secured seventh place due to having five goal differences.

Akwa Starlets

Akwa Starlets has a very close record with Rivers Utd. They have played 14 matches this season with seven wins, two draws, and six losses which amount to a total of 23 points. However, they have a -3 goal difference. They won three out of their last five games which likely helped them climb the scoreboard.

Lobi Stars

Lobi Stars has played 15 games with six wins, four draws, and five losses which amount to 22 points. Their goal difference is two so far. They won three out of their last five games but they alternated between win and loss.

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Abia Warriors

Abia Warriors secures the top ten for today with fifteen matches played, having five each in wins, draws, and losses. They only have 20 points for now but they do have a goal difference of five. The club also won three out of their five last games where two of which ended in a draw.

Look Forward to Future Games

Hold onto your outright bets because the current NPFL season is far from over. As mentioned earlier, the season is still currently on its 16th game out of 38. Teams such as the Enugu Rangers, Akwa Starlets, Lobi Stars, and Abia Warriors performed well in their last five games. Stay tuned for updates on Sportybet best odds on the NPFL.

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