2019 Waec Gce Biology Obj And Theory Answers (Second Series)

2019 Waec Gce Biology  Answers Second Series

2019 Waec Gce Biology Obj And Theory Answers Second Series


Osmosis is defined as the flow of water or solvent molecules from a region of dilute or a weaker solution to a region of concentrated or stronger solution through a selectively or differentially permeable membrane

Draw the experiment

The sugar solution in cavity of yam will remain the same. Therefore osmosis will not take place

Osmosis did not occur because the semi permeable membrane of yam cells was destroyed by boiling which did not allow movement of water into the solute (sugar) molecules

(i) Potato
(ii) cocoyam
Food substances|Two test reagents
Reducing sugar|Fehling’s solution and benedict solution
Protein|Biuret solution and Million’s solution
Fats and oil|Sudan(III) solution and

Digestive enzyme|Location of production of enzyme|Site of action
Maltase|Small intestine(Ileum)|Walls of small intestine
Sucrase|Small intestine(ileum)|Walls of small intestine
Amylase|Ileum or duodenum|Liver

Get a fresh leaf
-Wash in a clean water
-Boil in warm/hot water to soften it
-Put in alcohol to kill the cells and to remove the cholorophyll, thus the leaf is destarched

The starch is converted to simple sugars or simple carbohydrates|glucose

To kill the protoplasm

To remove chlorophyll

To soften it
(i) Decomposition of the body.
(ii) Conversion of energy to trophic level
(iii) Release of nitrogenous compound to the soil

(i) It increases soil fertilty
(ii) It increases micro-organism activities such as nitrosomas and nitrobacter
(iii) It increases crop yield or production

(i) Ammonia
(ii) Nitrogen
(iii) Carbondioxide

Burning the dead dog and fumigating the affected areas

To avoid epidemic outbreak of diseases

Fungi and protozoa

Goat and tiger

(i)They breakdown dead or decomposing organisms
(ii)They use organic substrate to get their energy

(i)They add fertility to the soil for plant growth
(ii)They indirectly support the balance of carbondioxide to oxygen in the air
(iii) They aerates the soil
(6a) A Biennial plant is a flowering plant that takes two years to complete its biological life cycle
A Perennial plant is a plant that lives more than two years

Characteristics of Carnivorous Plants

(PICK 4)
-Nitrogen Deficiency. -Carnivorous plants are found in soil lacking necessary nutrients such as nitrogen
-Attractants Animal prey is attracted to carnivorous plants through a variety of attractants that play on animals’ senses
-Inescapable Traps
-Digestive Enzymes and Organisms
-Wet Site Inhabitants

Type of Germination | Two example each
(1) Hypogeal germination | (i) Groundnut (ii) Wheat

(2)Epigeal germination | (i) bean (ii) tamarind

(i) Epigieal –> Beans, Pumkin
(ii) Hypogeal –> Maize, cocounut

Structure and adaptive features of organism | Uses
(i) Spines of cactus SP | store water in the stem
(ii) long sticking tongue of toad | To capture insect
(iii) Bright coloure of Hibiscus | To insects for pollination
(iv) Claus feet of domestic faud | for digging the soil for food
(v) Shell of tortoise | for protection
(vi) Thick fur of polar bear | To protect them from cold

(i) Competition
(ii) Predation
(iii) Temperature

(i) Conservation of energy
(ii) Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another

(i) Hepatitis
(ii) Cirrhosis


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