2019 Waec Gce Agricultural Science Practical Answers (Second Series)

2019 Waec Gce Agricultural Science  Answers Second Series
2019 Waec Gce Agricultural Science Practical Answers Second Series

Sprinkler irrigation

(i) A pump unit
(ii) Couplers
(iii) Sprinkler head

Sprinkler head

(i) Affordable and easy to set up.
(ii) Water measurement is easier than surface irrigation system.
(iii) Less interference with cultivation and less land loss.
(iv) High and frequent application can be effectively accomplished.

(i) High operating cost.
(ii) Water will drift when there is a lot of wind.
(iii) A stable water supply is needed.
(iv) Saline water may cause problem.

(i) Lowering of the water table
(ii) Decreased water quality


(i)seed box/seed tray

(i)it is used for storing seed during drying
(ii)it is use for drying holes and making out seeds beds
(iii)it is used for the storage of vegetable and perishable crops

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It provides a oration of storage crops

(i)apply oil and grease on the metal side
(ii) wash after use
(iii)wash or avoid drying of the tools under the sun.

(i) farm stead
(ii) farm hut/building

(i) it prevent food spoilage
(ii) it prevent food shortage
(iii) accessibility and availability of roads


I – Leaf
II- Cotton boll
III- Cotton flower

(i) Cotton stainer
(ii) Boll worms

(i) Hand picking
(ii) Destruction of infected plant

Hand picking

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(i) Drying and separation
(ii) Ginning and bailing

(i) It is used for treatment of wounds
(ii) It is used for filteration in the laboratory
(iii) For curing Puss in the Ears
(iv) Protect the garden from rabbits

(i) Crop
(ii) Proventriculus
(iii) Gizzard
(iv) Pancreas
(v) Caecum
(vi) Gall bladder

(iii) To grid the food
(iv) Secrete engine for digestion
(v) To allow undigested food to come out
(vi) To store bile

(i) fowl
(ii) duck
(iii) Rabbit
(iv) Pigs

(i) Fowl pox
(ii) Influenza
(iii) gumboro disease



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