2019 presidency: Nigerians attack Senator Ben Bruce for saying Buhari didn’t keep promise

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Senator Ben Muray Bruce has been attacked by angry social media users after he called on Nigerians to insist candidates run based on their track records.

Ben Bruce had tweeted that Nigerians should demand that candidates show what they have for the country and also what they will do if elected.

Referring to the present administration, the lawmaker, who represents Bayelsa East senatorial district, added that “You have not done what you promised, you will not do what you promise this time around.”

His tweet said, “Nigerians must insist that candidates for @NGRPresident have to run on their records, not on their promises.

“They must tell us what they have done and not just what they will do.

“If you have not done what you promised, you will not do what you will promise this time around.”

But Nigerians on Tweeter react thus…

@harkingbobola, “Atiku’s record are filled with crime ranging from embezzlement to other corruption charges and you want us to vote for him.”

@AY_hassan_”And he’s busy here Shouting on Antecedents. Yesterday, Atiku’s spokesperson was shamed on Channels TV.”

@osarah793, “One can’t even compare Atiku as VP to Osinbajo. That’s where you know he has nothing much to offer.”

@ovieali, “ATIKU record is that he made our public institutions redundant so he can make billions from private companies. Buhari has improved electricity with so little money in a brief time, and @DeleMomodu who ran to Ghana because of Power is now back to Nigeria with stable electricity.”

@tolu4nig, “I can confirm that we now have more than 20hrs electricity a day.”

@Victoria, “Baba, Buhari has done a lot for Nigerians o. In term of salaries, pensions, fertilizer subsidy, trade Moni, N-Power, construction, bail outs to state governments, roads, standard guage rails, and many more.”

@TelltheMayor, “So what record would your MCM Atiku run on? Let us agree on something. The groundswell of support for Atiku is neither due to his records nor that of PDP. It is only for the fact that Buhari has failed us and we need to try another.”

@ogeritalove, “And another is PDP?? you guys don’t even know what you all want.”

@I_enagi, “So it is now about record abi? Abeg mention 5 bills you have sponsored for the past 3 and half years then we can continue.”

@bayosings, “You are also part of this present government, please tell us what you have done for the past 3 years. You think governance is about executive only. My opinion is that so many laws in our constitution are major reasons why this country cannot move forward.”

@nickbuya, “What can a vice do, when he has a power-hungry boss? His ideologies won’t be considered as a vice president.”

@omasco95, “President Buhari promised to fight CORRUPTION and it was a promise kept. You know this very well because Buhari stopped you from running away with the 11 Billion Naira you borrowed from Banks. For this alone, your dream of an Atiku Presidency will remain in the pipe!”

@MmaTheMother, “Track record is what young Nigerians want. I for one joined Twitter because of @Peter__Obi. I have always been an ardent follower of his ideologies. His track record is overwhelming.”

@ayeenimichael, “If your candidate can be there for 8 years and unable to make meaningful influence on restructuring, then we can not risk another term for him on his promises. We will rather trust Mr Integrity for the next 4 years. We can trust that our treasury will be safe from the hawks.”

@zoka_FARM, “Most of us here keep calling Atiku a thief but he has been out of government since 2007 yet no one single court case against him for embezzlement, not even the from the Mr kwaruption fighter Buhari.”

@stanizman, “But before that, House of Assembly and Senate should have made it into law for a mandatory debate for presidential candidates. Nigerian Senate have abandoned their jobs for Nigeria but get paid for doing nothing.”


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